O'r Parsel Canol

Saturday, 6 November 2010

*Honcos Prittanikos

'Llewellyn' yn cyfeirio ei ddarllenwyr at wefan ddiddorol os boncars, sef Prittanika: the language and world of the Prittani. Nod cyfaddefedig y safle yw 'to give those interested a basic knowledge of reconstructed Ancient British, covering all the basics. Although it is impossible to become fluent in a language lost for as long as Ancient British, the lessons will provide enough vocabulary and grammar (more advanced vocabulary and grammar can be found in the Dictionary and Grammar pages), to allow Ancient British to become a functioning language again'. Jest y peth ar gyfer y gwneuthurwyr ffilm hynny sy'n ein holi ni am swynion mewn Hen Frythoneg (ar gyfer Merlin hyd yn oed!).


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